Why Women Should Make Their Own Money

Kim Kiyosaki in her book “Rich Woman” throws out some pretty sobering statistics when it comes to women and money:


·   47% of women over the age of 50 are single.

·   50% of marriages end in divorce.

·   In the first year after divorcing, a woman’s standard of living drops an average of 73%.

·   Of the elderly living in poverty, 3 out of 4 are women and 80% of them were not poor when their husbands were alive. 

·   Nearly 7 out of 10 women will live in poverty some time in their lives.  


As a landlord, I can attest that this is real life and not just statistics. I have seen my older female tenants struggle alone to make ends meet. They are fearful about their expenses and they are depressed. I always took care of “my ladies” letting rent slide from time to time in order to avoid eviction. But most landlords don’t have this luxury. The mortgage must be paid so out they go.


You see a lot of things as a property manager. One 82-year-old widow that was my tenant took her own life because she was depressed over her circumstances. This is real life. All women need to take responsibility for their own financial welfare. If you won’t do it for yourself then do it for you children.


At MillionaireMoms.com we are dedicated to helping you understand and feel comfortable with managing and earning money. We promote entrepreneurship because of the flexibility it offers in your real full time job—raising your children.


One Response to Why Women Should Make Their Own Money

  1. This a good read, great article. Being a land lord myself and having adopted families and Individuals from time to time I can confirm thes words of wisdom.

    I haven’t made mine and time is running out. My wealth will measured by my works here on earth.

    With power comes responsibility. This is a time for helping others in need.

    O gracious heavenly father please pour out your blessings on busy moms especially the single moms.
    Lead them to this web site and let them open their minds and hearts to learning how to rise above their struggles.

    Thank you so very much.
    Cecil whorton

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